Our Wedding Date: June 25, 2011

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  • A little background

    Kyle and I met in 2004 at Rock Valley College, working on the literary magazine, Voices. I'm going to say we started dating and have been together ever since (except two years where we weren't, but that doesn't need to be mentioned... oh).

    I guess our timeline goes like this: 2004-2006 Happiness, 2006-2008 A time that will never again be mentioned, 2008-present Bliss.

    Kyle and I started talking about getting married at the beginning of 2009. We knew we really had no choice, we liked each other too much.

    As soon as I was close to having my lease up in DeKalb, late June 2009, I moved to Winnebago to live with him (and Tim).

    Then 2010 turned.

    Finally, we went ring shopping and bought the first ring we saw. Well, we saw it and then looked around Rockford for like four hours. But, we ended up back at the first place we stopped and the first ring we saw. He bought it for me right then but made me wait for it. I didn't know how long I would have to wait.

    Turns out it was a week.

    We were engaged February 13, 2010.

  • Theme!

    There were so many things that we wanted to do for our wedding theme.

    This pictures best describes what we are going with.

  • We Are Going To Have Limited Space At The Wedding

    We really would have liked to invite everyone we are related to or like and all of their kids to the wedding, however, we don't even have enough space for all of those relatives to be invited. So, first, we cut down on family to invite friends, which are our other family. Still, we couldn't invite all of them and we had to choose some more to cut out.

    We realize it may be harder for you to attend because you will have to find a babysitter, but we had to make some hard choices....

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  • A Warning

    There will be punk rock music during the wedding ceremony.

    There will be kilts.

    There will be a cupcake and a bear during the ceremony.

    If you don't like wigs or leopard print... you might not like our ceremony.

    If you fear swords... you might not like our ceremony.

    This is a doodle of me in my dress



    This is a doodle of the bridesmaids


     Our Cupcake Flower Girl and Ring Bear also like us!

    A big part of us actually having a ceremony, is having the one we really wanted to have. It will not look normal. Hopefully, it will create a feeling of super fun times and not the ripping of clothing and gnaching of teeth.

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